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The Association of Research Organizations (AVO)

AVO is the only organization within the Czech Republic, which represents and promotes in full extent the interests of applied research in entrepreneur sector. Members of AVO are the most Czech organizations and units oriented to research and development, who are promoted and operated from largely private resources in various branches of industry, building and architecture. The members of AVO represent at present more than 8 thousand professionals working in this area.

Role of the Association is to help actively to promote the Czech applied research and development as a key factor for transferring results of exploration research into practical needs and use into the Czech industry and agriculture. To achieve this role it helps also the AVO's close cooperation with the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic and with universities, with whom AVO forms a complex system of behavior of research and development within the Czech Republic. AVO supports significantly also international cooperation of their members.

Based on its present position, AVO is the partner for the state administration, which cannot be neglected during creation of new legislating and systems for support of research and development.

Basic activities of the Association:

Mediation of research and commercial contacts Association finds out and mediates a possible participation of their members in domestic and foreign research and development projects and grants also for production and commercial cooperation with foreign partners. For the purpose of finding competent Czech partners, AVO maintains and permanently updates its own database of Czech organizations of applied research and development - the only one of this kind within the Czech Republic. AVO is helping also with another commercial activities of its members, as testing, production and business activities, counseling and other related services connected to realization of the respective innovation.

Representation and promotion of interests of applied research and development towards state administration bodies Association is the partner for the state administration during all negotiations concerning new legislating in the field of applied research and development, which cannot be neglected. It promotes interests of applied research and development by means of the Council of Government of the Czech Republic for Research and Development (where AVO has its representative), the Confederation of Industry of the Czech Republic (the biggest employer's union within the Czech Republic), which AVO is a member of, Committees in the Parliament of the Czech Republic, and by means of another institutions.

Granting of information and counseling services in the field of applied research and development Association offers information about up-to-date activities in the field of applied research and development, in the first place with respect to changes in legislative directives and their application in practice. AVO monitors all kinds of supports for research and development including legislative directives for their use. In all these areas AVO offers counseling services.

Assistance for making contacts with both exploration research and user sphere Association helps to create space for making contacts and cultivating cooperation with both exploration research workplaces, and production organizations. AVO cooperates therefore with the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, with universities, and also with production companies associated in employer's unions.

Organizing professional conferences, seminars and discussion meetings Association organizes seminars (workshops) concerning topic events in applied research and development, training aimed to new legal modifications concerning activities of research and development organizations, specialized technically oriented seminars and professional conferences.

Presentation of members of the Association Association participates at series of international trade fairs, exhibitions and conferences, where it presents its members. For this purpose AVO issues various presentation materials offering activities and services of its members, thematic information publications, etc. If required, AVO assures individual participation and presentation of separate members at these actions.

Ensuring expert and counseling activities for the needs of applied research and development Association grants counseling and expert services in the above-mentioned fields. Other services (marketing, legal, patent, etc.) AVO ensures vicariously by mediation.

Association of Research Organizations of the Czech Republic stakes more and more on future prospects and increase of international partnership of research and development organizations. Therefore AVO supports intensively such contacts and mediates foreign research and commercial cooperation. Become also you our partner and partner of our members.


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