The National BIOeconomy HUB CR reflects the European Green Deal and also European Bioeconomy Strategy. BIO HUB CR is designed as a tool to engage stakeholders and support their involvement in the bioeconomy, encourage the development of a strategic research agenda and also promote bioeconomy and sustainable development.

The BIO HUB CR ( establishment was supported by the Ministry of Agriculture of the Czech Republic. The coordinator is the Agriculture Research, Ltd., membership is free of charge and both legal and private bodies can become members upon signing the Memorandum of Cooperation.  BIO HUB CR is organized in national thematic  working groups that are based on the needs and wishes of stakeholders (bottom-up principle), some thematic working groups reflect the BIOEAST thematic working groups (i.e. shadow national thematic working groups).

There are several platforms or associations that are already a member of BIO HUB CR:

  • the Association of Research organisations (, that is the only organization in the Czech Republic representing applied research (AVO has more than 75 members, both entrepreneurs and research organisations)
  • the Czech-Moravian Breeding and Seed Association ( as the professional association of research, breeding and seed companies, member of the European Seed Association (ESA)
  • the Czech Technological Platform Plants for Future (, member of the European Technological Platform Plants for Future

Among other members of the BIO HUB CR we can name the non-profit organisation Technology Centre of the Czech Academy of Sciences (, business units AgriKomp Bohemia ( or some research organisations.

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